Real Estate Blogging

One of the best ways to establish yourself as a local real estate expert is through the creation of a real estate blog. An active blog will also help keep yourself top-of-mind with your sphere of influence.

Creating and writing a real estate blog with frequent new posts is a lot of work. Creating a real estate blog like can be tough, you will wonder if anyone is reading your website and if they are are they even finding it useful. 

Why blog? I’m going to share why I blog and how it has helped me build my real estate business. Hopefully, my story will inspire you to start blogging.

The main reasons I blog

  • A few months ago, while at a local high school fundraiser, I won a raffle. The announcer said, “The winner is: Greg Howard, Moreno Valley’ social media star. I see his posts all over Facebook.” I was in total shock. I was amazed that random posts had had me kind of a local celebrity, and not only that, made me a credible agent in front of a high school stadium full of potential clients. 
  • Most of the real estate leads that I acquire through my website are targeted leads. Targeted leads are leads that are looking for the product or service you offer with the intent to buy or use your service. The quality of leads is far better than cold calling or emails.

My blogging strategy

I have a routine of writing my blog posts over the weekend and publishing them every Tuesday. The extra day or two allows me to reread and refine the post if needed. It gives me posting some sense of regularity and consistency. 

Finding good blog topics?

My main three blogging categories are market updates, real estate strategies (that are timeless), and lifestyle. I will try mixing it up by alternating between the categories when I post.

I get most of my blogging ideas from my clients. They will often ask questions about real estate, and those questions become a blog post. I keep an Excel sheet with all potential topics and work through that list to create blog posts. I never mention the clients in the blog posts to respect their privacy. I simply answer the questions that they presented to me. 

It surprises me which blog posts resonate with people. I wrote a post about a housing project a few years ago. My blog post will show up when people search for information about that neighborhood. I get a lot of traffic from that one post.

Outsourcing your blog writing?

The hardest part is writing the content. While you could outsource some of the content, you will want some of it to come from personal experience. I often outsource the market updates, occasionally the lifestyle posts, but the real estate strategies are mine. 

Where should the blog live?

I use a hosted website using WordPress as the content management system. Word press is relatively easy to use and if you are only posting blog posts and not designing it is super easy. I simply post the blog on my website and then share it on social media. I post it to my business page and then share it on my accounts.

This strategy helped me grow quite a large social media following.

How does the blog generate leads?

I have an email list that I send out when there is a new blog post. The email list contains past and present clients, new real estate leads, and other real estate agents in and out of my area. 

This gets my information in front of colleges and clients and potential clients. My information also can be found through search engines. Google is a great way of bringing in new leads, which I capture through a form.

Don’t forget to have an unsubscribe option. It is best to use a professional email service to handle this. They make it easy. You do not want to violate the CAN-SPAM Act by not having a way to opt-out.

Why does blogging work?

Blogging is a huge part of my marketing strategy. While so many real estate agents rely on cold marketing and open houses to find leads, my website produces far more leads and a fraction of the effort.

While blogging is not easy, it works and is far more efficient than other marketing tactics in real estate. It is currently very underutilized, and when used, it is often not done correctly. The important thing is consistency, the results don’t come immediately, and you need to keep posting. Even when you are not seeing results keep going. This is where so many fail, the post 10 or 12 blog posts and stop. This is a huge mistake. It takes at least 30-40 posts for the search engines to start noticing you.