Swimming Pool Guest Blogging

pool construction guest blog

What Pool Blogging Topics do we Publish?

We have a an opportunity to post several types of swimming pool related guest blog posts covering the following topics:

  • Above Ground Pool Construction
  • In Ground Pool Construction
  • Swimming pool supplies- Use and reviews
  • Pool Maintenance and Care
  • Must Have Pool Accessories
  • How to Finance a New Pool

Rules For Swimming Pool Blog Submissions


These are the requirements:

  1. Articles must be over 600 words. The higher the word count, the more likely it will get published.
  2. All submissions must be informative. We will reject any submission that is for advertising.
  3. Write in clear English and have proper grammar and spelling. My spelling and grammar are terrible. There are plenty of grammar and spelling tools to correct it, so no excuses. We reserve the right to edit all submissions to have the correct grammar and spelling.
  4. Content must be unique and pass plagiarism checks.
  5. You must reference the source of any statistical data.
  6. You must have relevant images or video embeds (see below) and 1 feature image with each post.   
  7. Your email address must have a Gravatar account. That Gravatar account must also contain a photo of you.
  8. Provide a website or social media link that you would like added to your author profile.


You can add as many links to the post as you need. All links need to be relevant and meaningful to the article. All links will need to be relevant to the post and contain information that is useful to the reader. We have the right to remove any links that we feel inappropriate, useless or spam. We reserve the right to add links to your post for relevant posts on the hosting website. If you are not sure email us @ newfulcrumpoint1@gmail.com

***No pornographic, gambling, pharmaceutical or drug/alcohol related links***